PROOF The LEADER of Project Zorgo is DED


After Chad Wild Clay made "KID STEALS MONEY FROM SPY NINJAS and Gets Caught in 4K", Vy Qwaint created "A HACKER STOLE ALL MY MONEY", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "CONFRONTING SCAMMER Who Stole from Spy Ninjas", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "DANIEL is a SPY NINJA AGAIN in ROBLOX PIZZA SIMULATOR", The Spy Ninjas are in trouble! After confronting PZ Squire about who stole Vy Qwaints money in a Roblox Scam, they found out that ex hackers are gathering for a secret meeting at the old Project Zorgo headquarters, the Black Pyramid! The team decide to investigate what happened to Vy's money and what is really going on at the meeting. Upon investigation, the team find evidence that ex hackers are using Roblox to push some kind of "movement" forward. When they get to the meeting, the spyninjas must go undercover as hackers to sneak into the secret meeting and get Vy's money back. Daniel and Regina stay behind to hack the security systems and guide the team through the pyramid. But even with their help the team find themselves trapped in a Project Zorgo headquarters escape room. During the meeting, the Spy Ninjas discover that they are at a funeral, with special guests PZ Funf and PZ2 leading the event.Who is the funeral for? Who is in the coffin? They also discover that PZ Funf stole the money from Vy to help fund the funeral. Will Vy be able to steal her money back without getting caught? Thank you for watching my entertainment comedy videos in 2021!

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