THE END of the STALKER... SPY NINJAS vs Horseradish to Stop Hypnosis

After Chad Wild Clay made "SHE DOES NOT LOVE ME ANYMORE", Vy Qwaint created "CHAD WILD CLAY's SECRET Reveal Could End the Spy Ninjas", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "I GO UNDERCOVER as a HACKER to SAVE VY QWAINT", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "We're Not Talking To Chad!" The Spy Ninjas saved Vy from hypnosis and decided to finally stop the Stalker gang once and for all! Daniel wants to save his girl... er, ex-girlfriend. Daniel modified the Spy Ninja Noise Enhancer to block the sound that HorseRadish uses to hypnotize people! The team encounters bad guys and crazy security systems that use lasers! They have to navigate dangerous enemies and obstacles while making their way to the head honcho, Horse Radish. This plan will only work if the Spy Ninjas can stop the bad guys from being hypnotized. Will it work? Will the Spy Ninjas make it to Horse Radish in time? Will those who are hypnotized be saved? Will the Spy Ninjas be able to finally put this evil group past them and move forward in becoming the best ISbothrs!

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  1. Karen Precious Gatpandan

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    OMG Chaddy's going to be monster you don't know I lose you so monster scary

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    This is the worst video I’ve seen on the spy ninjas

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    But now it 20:35

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    Since when has Chad got crushed on his hands

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    Daniel gizmo I say still love you want you still hypnotize now I love you more


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    wait a HACKER my sister got hacked

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    Daniel is back 1:30

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    Regina can't battle i can fight her im 14

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    Melvin think alien real what an idiot

  18. Mohammed Avdol

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    Ugh melvin and reginA why don't you be nice idiots

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    Power coming out my friends m N VQ

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    I like when she is tony it is so funny

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    Wonder who’s gonna win

  24. ItsJakeMakerBoi ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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    in 10:23 he said "why cant i have b**ls"

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    You did it

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    He big lies Daniel

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    Alien is wherein a wig

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    you are the best and i em a big fen uv you

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    Horseradish is going down today

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    Guys look at this comment alie /A LIE

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    chad wild clay your videos are the best

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    Ninjas 100 hackers at my house you guys to come here quick as you can please I wanna know you’re real or mean or evil please just come in as

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    Horseradish screaming lol

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    why does The leak look like Wilbur

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    I was laughing when Regina said the Daniel could drop all of them into The room I feel like Regina has to be kicked

  41. Space & earth

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    If alie and the leak are not hypnotized then they should do a face reveal

  42. Gabriel Gamer

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    18:40 i saw horseraddish in the back ground

  43. Gabriel Gamer

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    He really did not get beaten up so is it scripted???

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    there was something on melvin's mirror

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    I saw in that one video the mirror glitched turns out it was pz leader

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