RACE to EXPOSE CHAD'S SECRET on Project Zorgo Hacker Mask


After Chad Wild Clay made "HELP ME, CLOAKER! VY is In DANGER And Needs To Be SAVED!", Vy Qwaint created "IS CHAD LYING ABOUT HIS SECRET?", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "I AM IN BIG TROUBLE...", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "WIN in ROBLOX or else What Happens Next is SHOCKING", the Spy Ninjas find out that something weird and mysterious has been happening to their ex-best friend, Daniel. Ever since he let horseradish in his team, he has been acting really mean. Evil Daniel, wants to expose Chad's deep dark secret. Chad's secret is hidden on the Project Zorgo leader's mask, and if revealed to the world, the Spy Ninjas will break up and be destroyed... forever! Daniel and his squad plan to take the mask from the Cloaker before the Spy Ninjas can get to it. It's a race to the Cloaker! Since Daniel, Alie, the Leak, the Chef, and Horseradish outnumber the Spy Ninjas, it is unfair! Chad, Vy, Regina, and Melvin decide to take the other team down, one by one. They trick them with their sneaking and ninja skills and take them down in a battle royale. Hopefully, Daniel's team doesn't get to the mask first and expose Chad's secret. The Spy Ninjas will be over! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!

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    When he grab footlong you need to destroy him

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    I need to distract Daniel with with a foot long

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    You need a secret plan you need to distract

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    Chad sekrit is he saved the progitzogo leedr

  20. michelle tillett

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    Why does horseradish do hipnosis on people that is bad that people are in hipnosis and why did ally lie about her hair in another video she was wearing a wig 😆😎

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    Me:kicks hacker * Vy:u broke the rule not to do the first punch Me:but u said punch not kick

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    You don't even have a ISboth channel that's called the nasel gang Horseradish is the dumbest


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